SiteCloner is a PHP script which lets you make static clones of any website. Wether the website was built using plain HTML or a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or anything else.

Clone Any Website

SiteCloner allows you to make a static clone of any website. Wether the original site is a static HTML site or was published using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, SiteCloner clones them all!

Download The Clone

Once a site is cloned, you can choose to download the entire site as a ZIP archive to your computer. Once downloaded, you can access all the HTML, CSS, JS and images.

Send Site By Email

Instead of downloading, SiteCloner also allows users to send a cloned site via email. This comes in handy if you'd like to share a clone with a friend or colleague.

Manage Sites

Cloning a site starts with adding a new site. Once a site has been added, one or more clones can be created for this site.

To prevent SiteCloner from cloning certain parts of a site, you can set one or more exclude keywords, this will result in URLs containing one or more of these keywords not being cloned.

SiteCloner also allows users to configure a timeout limit for each site individually; this will prevent the cloning process to run for hours. The default is set to 1800 seconds.

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Manage Clones

After adding a site item, you can now starting creating clones.

You can configure actions the script should take once the cloning process is complete, like uploading the clone via FTP or sending it by email.

Keep track of the cloning process and cancel/continue at any time.

Completed clones can be downloaded (as a ZIP archive), send by email or uploaded to a remote server via FTP.

  Try the live demo   Buy now - $39

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee every part of the site is cloned properly?

Unfortunately we can't :( We built the crawler and parser from scratch and it does a pretty good job at finding and crawling every corner of a given site. However, since the crawler does not process Javascript, there's a good chance that resources loaded dynamically by Javascript won't be included in the clone.

How are links handled? Are all links rewritten? Can open up a clone on my computer after downloading it?

During the cloning process, ALL LINKS are rewritten and turned into relative URL's, this ensures the cloned site will work just as well on a computer as it will on a web server.

What does it mean when the cloning process has "timed out"?

As a safety measure, there's a maximum amount of seconds set that the cloning process is allowed to run for. When this limit is reached, the process will stop. The progress made so far will be save though, and you can continue with the process at any given time by clicking the continue () button for that clone. The time out limit can be set for each individual site and the default is set to 1800 seconds.

Am I allowed to clone other people's web sites?

As far as we know, it's not illegal or prohibited by law to clone other people's web sites. That said, since most web sites are protected by copyright law, you are not allowed to clone a random site and use it's assets in your own projects without permission from the site owner.

Certain parts of my clone don't seem to work properly, any idea why?

Most often this is caused by dynamic content; where Javascript fetches data from the server and then updates the site. Since SiteCloner does not clone server-side scripts such as PHP, dynamic updates won't work in most situations :(

Is https supported??

Currently https is not supported; if there's enough demand, we might add support for secure http in the future.

What about resources such as images and font files linked from external CSS files?

As long as all these files are included following common conventions (@import for additional stylesheets, @font-face for fonts and url() syntax for images) any linked resource will be picked up and crawled. We have done extensive testing and found anything linked from CSS files crawled and indexed properly. If you do find instances where something is missed, please do let us know and we'll tweak the crawler to make sure those resources as are picked up as well.

Is it save to cancel the cloning process while it's still cloning?

Yes, absolutely. When you cancel the cloning process, the script will remember the progress it's made so far and so you continue with the cloning process at any given moment by clicking the the continue () button for that clone.

While looking at the cloning progress, I see a bunch of numbers. What do these mean?

These numbers represent the amount of memory used by the crawling script. This is simply to track how much memory the script is using and make sure it doesn't consume too much.

Do you provide support for SiteCloner?

Yes, we most definitely do. For support, please visit the general Chilly Orange Support page located at

Do you include documentation with SiteCloner

Yes, SiteCloner comes with extensive documentation on how to use it and how to configure it. Alternatively, you can preview the documentation here.

How does SiteCloner handle external links?

SiteCloner does not index external links OR links up the folder tree; this means only internal links and links further down the folder tree are crawled and cloned.